Why Woodchuck

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Over the years, Woodchuck has become one of the foremost players in high end skateboard manufacturing. We have done this by providing quality products and services you can trust. Today, you have a suite of reputable and non-reputable sources of products offered to you. We feel the high end skateboard industry is not about delivering an acceptable product at a low price. This is Wal-Mart. We are about delivering the best products and services at a competitive price. Working with Woodchuck means working with a strong manufacturer that stands behind its products. We feel this is important for serious players that want to operate in this business for a long time. Before choosing a manufacturer, we suggest you ask them to explain how they will deliver you quality products and service, not just if and how much… Here is our answer.


It is quite easy for someone with a few dollars to setup a plant with sub-par equipment and to substitute high-end wood and glue with lower grade supplies, speed up the production process to produce a low-cost skateboard and then claim that it is of great quality. Or even easier, find a friend overseas that is doing the same thing with cheap labor. This has led to confusion as to what the definition of a quality skateboard actually is. At Woodchuck, this is how we define quality:

– We make sure we have a clear understanding with our customer as to what needs to be done (size, shape, graphics, lead time and so forth).

– This information is routed automatically to production. We remove the risk of error by eliminating manual processes.

– We have written quality control and safety procedures built into every step of our production department.

• Each of our operators must initial the work that they do so they feel responsible for what they are doing.

• Each of our operations has quality control points that must be respected.

• We have five operations in our process geared toward achieving strict quality control.

– We hold annual anonymous customer surveys which produce an average of over 95% satisfied customers each and every year.

– Our state of the art plant uses only top equipment to make sure that we are working with the right tools to get the job done.

• We were some of the first to use CNCs (computers) to ensure that our shapes and molds were perfect. Some manufacturers still make them by hand which can yield higher defect rates and asymmetrical boards.

• We were one of the first companies to adopt heat transfer technology that ensures perfect graphics every time.

• We are constantly at work with a team of engineers to ensure that we stay ahead of the game by providing our customers with the latest and best in skateboard technology.

• We visit our key suppliers regularly to make sure that what goes into your board is nothing but the best.

• Our work is recognized by our peers and we have won numerous prestigious awards. See about us for more on this.

– We stand by our work. Period. Service Since many skateboard vendors are small business operators, we place high importance on supporting our customers in making their businesses successful ones. Not just from a product standpoint, but on how these products are delivered. To this end, we have people and systems that are dedicated to helping our customers make the right choices for their businesses. Here are some concrete examples of what we mean by service:

– We support our customers in ensuring that they get the best rates on shipping.

– We pack all of our decks in clearly identified boxes with a packing list so that you can quickly sort through your order.

– We have sales associates that will work with you to make sure that your experience with us is a great one, and that you make the right product selection for your business.

– We answer the phone when you call.

– We are the only skateboard manufacturer with a self-serve customer zone that provides you with a centralized access point to everything we have to offer for your business.

• Get administrative information.

• Find out about current promotions.

• Get information on key aspects of your business.


Woodchuck has been around for almost a decade and has earned the respect of its customers, the industry and even its competitors. While most North American manufacturers were shrinking, Woodchuck has kept growing and has won numerous prestigious business award recognising this. See about section.


As stated above, we feel that quality and service are paramount when catering to the high end market, but we also realize that this market is becoming increasingly competitive. Since we want to be your primary supplier of hard goods, we offer our products and services at highly competitive prices. We definitely do not claim to be the cheapest on the market nor do we aspire to be. We looks for long term relationships with clients that value high quality and service.