Our Technologies


At Woodchuck, we believe that in order to help our customers move forward and be competitive in tomorrow ís marketplace; we need not only to use the best materials but also to use the best processes and technologies.

As such, we continually invest in ensuring our tools and processes and state of the art. Here is an overview of the technologies we make available to you and their benefits.

Cold Presses

This is perhaps the most traditional part of our factory in that we have been cold pressing for over 15 years. We have however adapter our methods based on the demands of todayís marketplace which requires more complex curves and precision that what used to be norm in skateboards.

The benefits of cold pressing is that it gently curves the wood for a longer period of time which has over the years been show to produce better decks, less warpage and delams than faster methods such as heat or frequency pressing. Benefits to you: Better lamination quality



All of our decks are cut on a 5 axis CNC router. These machines not only allow us to cut pieces with precision based on CAD models, it also allows us to make angle cuts, recesses, drop through and other features that would otherwise be very difficult to make and extremely time consuming to setup.

Benefits to you: Acceleraded production timeline from design to delivery, the ability to cut the boards the way you want to cut it and precision consistent machining.


This robot is able to grab the skateboard to perform most of the repetitive manual tasks that are performed when making a skateboards in an efficient manner. Benefits to you: Consistent and reliable quality.


All the CAD modeling in the world will never replace prototypes and the fealing of a realboard under your feet. That why we can provide you with a test shape on our standards molds in days, not weeks.

If you want to have a better feel of a custom mold, we can even fabricate for you a portion of your concave using a state of the art 3D printing machine.


This method of applying cosmetics has become the norm in our industry in order to supply high quality graphics efficiently.